Werner Klotz
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We are having a Braai in Germany on the 19th of August- If any South Africans are around let me know and we can have a Klippies and Coke together. Check out our website at: and look at bilder at last years Braai....I was in Zurich a few weeks ago and met some South Africans at Olivers Twist -had a great time..Nice website guys....

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Hi people, Dolf, Doreen, Swannie, André, Greg, etc. Have been talking a lot about you lately. Missing the braais at Effretikon and the bazaar in December. To all of the people that I met in 15 years in Switzerland. Have fun and let us know if you are coming to South Africa.

Greetings, site is very good and informative. I ve visited a great number of sites, which I want to close, just having opened them! On your site I have spent all my free time, and even not having noticed this. Thank you, guys! I found really interesting information here. Thank you a lot!

Hallo there fellow South Africans. I have been living in Zurich for over 5 years and never visited your website. What a shame!!! I would love to meet up with SA people around Zurich area. Freue mich!!!

Carol West
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I really enjoyed browsing your website. There is so much to read and enjoy.

I clicked on 'links' and was surprised to see the lovely colourful picture links which is unusual but nice.

On another note I would like to know how I can get such a link on your site.

I have a client here in South Africa who manufactures braai products i.e. blitz products, charcoal, briquettes and more.

He sells the products locally and also exports to various other countries.

I look forward to hearing from you

Keep up the good work!


Carol West

A South African from Johannesburg

+27 11 4629756

.: box77 :.