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Dolf & Josette
Once again, congratulations to a well organized BRAAI.
Although the weather wasn't on the bright side (rather cold & wet)
Many thanks to Jo-Anne & Dieter

Dolf & Josette
BRAAI 03.07.2016.
A big complement to Jo-Anne & Dieter for organizing this wonderful Event, well done.
Hope to see you all again next year

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came to Effretikon today, to everyone that has in one way or another , lent a helping hand. Thanks so much!

Andre Craye
Hi there. What a great site - I'm a South African and Swiss Citizen (dual citizenship of both countries) looking to relocate to Switzerland in September. Would anybody be hiring or be able to point me in the right direction? I am open to any kind of work position, fluent in French and basic understanding of Italian. 28 Years old, post graduate. Hope to hear from you! Please email me at Thanks (from Cape Town).

Hi everyone, i really miss the South African Braais we used to have in Effretikon.Anyone of you interested in helping in Creating the next Braai as it used to be back then?

.: box77 :.